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Kneaded Kitchens is now Kooi Housewares!
Kneaded Kitchens is now Kooi Housewares!

Small Steps Toward Thinking Responsibly in the Kitchen

I enjoy managing our local kitchen store. The opportunity to talk with our customers is one of my favorite jobs. I love learning from our customers about their passions in the kitchen.

Recently, I've had in-depth conversations about bread baking, cooking with a smoker, and even making sushi.
A recurring theme from conversations is environmental awareness about food storage and cooking. Sometimes the conversation is about various types of non-stick cookware and its impact on the environment and our health. Sometimes it is about types of oil or fat we should cook with (both good topics for future blogs).
Often, we discuss "small steps" that we should take to be responsible stewards in food procurement and preparation.
Here are some of my favorite "tips" for being a caretaker of the environment with regard to cooking:
 1. Eat locally and seasonally.

 We've already talked about this in a previous blog. I am a big fan of supporting local farmers   through CSA (Community  Supported Agriculture and local  farmers markets.

mesh farmers market bag - Better Houseware
2. Use reusable bags for farmers markets or even grocery store trips.

There are GREAT options available in our store and other places. Lightweight mesh shoulder bags are ideal for farmers' markets. Even Hutzler's large "garden colander" is ideal for collecting fresh fruits and vegetables at the market.

Our trolley bag "system" that fits in your shopping cart is a customer favorite and time-saver.

Viancin Storage Lid3. Replace food storage "throw away" items.

I love these reusable silicone storage bags that replace single use "baggies".

Universal silicone lids lessen our use of food wrap and actually keep food fresher!

Reusable cloths and towels replace our overuse of paper towels. (My wife insists that I am capable of using more paper towels when cooking than anyone she has ever met.)

Compost Pail4. Compost scraps and leftovers.

My wife and I love gardening. The ability to enrich the soil in our garden beds just from being responsible is wonderful! These handy compost containers allow for you to compost easily without the stench.

Next week I’ll go into a little more detail on composting and how to get started if you’ve never done it before. Once you get started, you won't want to go back!
I'm sure none of the above tips are startlingly new thoughts. But, I encourage you to take small steps. Either use one of these tips, or one of your own! Beginning to think more responsibly about our environment is not a waste of time or effort. How you procure, prepare, and dispose of your food is all a thought-worthy process.
Every small step helps! So, choose one small step and try it today!


by Robby Richardson

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