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Kneaded Kitchens is now Kooi Housewares!

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year - A Foolproof Method for Cooking Corn

corn ready to cook

With apologies to Andy Williams for his song about the Christmas season, I believe this is the most wonderful time of the year here in western Michigan. The weather has finally reached full summer status (Our local paper today described this week’s weather as making up for having to live in Michigan in March). And fresh fruits and produce are just coming into full season.

We just finished the strawberry season in our area. Cherries are fully ripe, and today I picked my first raspberry at the house. Blueberries will be available to pick soon, followed by peaches and then apples. There is no shortage of fresh fruit for snacking (or grilling, but that’s another post).

Although I love the abundance of fresh fruit, I think my favorite season is when the sweet corn is ready to pick. I would probably blush if someone totaled up the number of ears of sweet corn I eat in a season. 

There are a number of ways that you can cook sweet corn. You can boil it. You can microwave it. You can grill it (with or without the husks). But a couple of years ago, in one of America’s Test Kitchens magazines, I found the best method that has become my “go to” when I want a completely foolproof method for making great corn.

- Shuck and silk 6 ears of corn.

- Bring 4 quarts of water in either a stockpot or a dutch oven to a boil.

- Turn off the heat and then put the ears of corn into the water. (There is the perfect amount of heat energy in the water to cook the corn.)

- Let it sit in for 10 minutes (although it can stay in for up to 30 minutes … it won’t overcook). 

- For 8 ears of corn, simply let it sit for 15 minutes.

When you’re ready to eat, transfer the corn from the water to a large platter and serve immediately. I’ll take mine with butter and a little bit of salt, but I know some who really love pepper on fresh corn. Eating directly off the cob is made easier with these handy holders. 

However you like your corn, make sure you take advantage of the season when your favorite fruits and vegetables are fresh. And maybe put some up (canning, freezing, pickling, dehydrating) for those long months when the weather is not as ideal as it is now.

Bon apetit!

P.S. - If you are following along with these blogs as I write them, I did make it to the local cheese shop last week. Sampled a couple of Goudas, but ended up bringing home a wedge of smoked goat cheese. It was excellent by itself or on salads!

By Robby Richardson


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