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Kneaded Kitchens is now Kooi Housewares!

Fermentaholics Brewing and Fermentation / Kombucha Heating Mat

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Kombucha Heating Mat

This Kombucha Brewing and Fermentation Heating Mat is designed to keep your fermented products at the optimal temperature. This kombucha warming mat has a thermometer included.

Temperature Control

Temperature control is the key to brewing consistently great Kombucha. Ideal temperature range for Kombucha is 75° and 85° F. Ideal temperature range for Jun Kombucha is 68° and 80° F.

 Adhesive Temperature Gauge

Monitor the fermentation temperature by adhering the provided thermometer to the side of the brew vessel and adjust the position of the mat if needed.

Optimize Heat

For maximum heat, simply wrap the heat mat around your brew vessel and secure mat with the provided rubber band. If too hot, remove the rubber band and allow the mat to stand around your brewing vessel forming a wall of heat. If even less heat is needed, lay your heat mat on a stable dry surface and place your vessel on top of the mat.

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Customer Reviews

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Great product at a great price

Best heat wrap for making kombucha! Living in a colder climate makes it harder to keep the liquid at the correct temp. These heat wraps are a blessing. Bought two and may get more soon.

Perfect for our needs!!!

I'm not using this for Kombucha but to keep my sourdough warm on cold days. Works perfect!!!

Great Quality Scoby

This was my first entry into kombucha, I was impressed with the healthy look and feel of the scoby. Frankly I did not know what to expect. It was definitely a healthy scoby.

Professional stuff, nicely packaged

Good product, recommended

Daphne P.
best heating unit

Glad i used this company. All components worked well and everything arrived as stated.