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    All American Pressure Cooker and Canners are still manufactured with the same dependability that they have been since 1930 when your Grandma purchased hers. These pressure canners are designed to stand the test of canning AND time. Never purchase another pressure cooker again (unless you need a second one). 

    With no rubber gasket to replace from wear and tear, All American has manufactured the best pressure cooker on the market for almost 100 years. This USA manufacturer is based in Wisconsin. Known for their quality craftsmanship, All American pressure canners are known in the canning industry for quality, durability, and desirability. EVERYONE who preserves food via pressure canning knows these are the premier kitchen tool for food preservation. 

    The standard All American Pressure Cooker 921 is the model that most have come to know. This canning pot fits a standard 7 quart regular mouth jars. However, with the second canning rack that is included, it fits TWO levels of regular mouth pint mason jars. 

    All American pressure cookers come in a variety of sizes from a small, All American 910 to a large, All American 930. The All American 930 Canner fits TWO layers of quart jars. Maximize your time by processing twice as many jars at once with the large canner. Only have a few jars to can? Use the All American 910 canner to save time as you won't be waiting for empty space to heat. 

    Join many other customers in purchasing an All American Pressure Canner, knowing it will be the last time you need to purchase a pressure cooker. 

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