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    The Ultimate Guide to Top-Quality Canning Accessories for Home Preserving

    When home canning, the right accessories aren’t just helpful—they’re vital. This extensive guide demystifies the world of canning accessories, ensuring you know exactly which tools will make your preserving process safe and efficient. From canning jars and lids to advanced equipment like pressure canners, you’ll find straightforward advice on what you need and tips on where to procure the best quality canning supplies.

    Key Takeaways

    • Get your basics right with must-have canning jars of all sizes, correctly-sealing lids, burn-preventing jar lifters, and spill-saving canning funnels.

    • Up your canning game with advanced gizmos: pressure canners, Jam and Food Millss, and sterilizing racks for those special uses.

    • For the eclectic preservationists and savvy small business owners: find niche tools (hello, pickle pipes and fermentation weights), order bulk quantities, and don’t forget to label and store your goodies properly—or regret later!

    Essential Canning Tools for a Successful Home Preserving Experience

    Assortment of Essential Canning Tools including Jars, lids, and Funnels

    The journey to preserving your own food starts with acquiring the essential canning supplies. For instance, you can’t go without canning jars when preserving food at home. They come in various sizes including:

    • half pints

    • pints

    • quarts

    • half gallons

    The standard canning jars that you'll find most useful are pint and quart jars.

    These wide mouth jars accommodate different quantities of your delectable pickles or jams.

    But what’s a jar without a lid? Composed of a flat lid with sealing compound and a screw band, canning lids and rings play a pivotal role in creating a proper seal. A properly sealed lid locks air out of the jar, preventing contamination. They come in standard or wide mouth sizes, perfect for those chunky pickles or whole fruits. Successful home canning hinges on screwing the rings down finger-tight without over-tightening. Over-tightening will cause canning lids to buckle.

    Of course, dealing with hot jars requires caution. That’s where a jar lifter comes in handy. These lifesavers ensure safe handling of hot jars, eliminating the risk of burns and potential mishaps. Meanwhile, canning racks play a significant role by separating the jars from the bottom of the canner, preventing cracking and making the preservation process efficient and safe.

    A canning funnel might seem trivial, but it’s invaluable for a mess-free canning experience. It allows for an easy transfer of your preserves into the canning jars, saving you from the hassle of cleaning up spills and ensuring that not a single bit of your delicious concoction goes to waste. The one we highlighted here has integrated measurements to ensure you have the right head space in your jars. Correct head space is essential to ensuring your mason jars create the correct vacuum to seal during pressure canning. This will vary depending on the fruits, veggies, or meats you may be canning.

    Canning Accessories for Enhanced Efficiency

    All American Pressure Canner for home canning

    As you delve deeper into the world of home canning, you’ll eventually find yourself needing more advanced canning accessories. These tools serve to both enhance your efficiency and safeguard your preserves.

    If you're just starting out buying the canning supplies necessary to successfully preserve your food, there are a few things that are critical to choose correctly to ensure your success.

    Take pressure canners, for example, which use pressurized steam to reach the higher temperatures required for safely processing foods such as meats, poultry, and root vegetables. These heavyweight champions, like the 16QT Presto Pressure Canner or the made-in-America All American 915 Pressure Canner, are constructed from heavy-duty aluminum for consistent heating. (We recommend the All American canner, as it will last for generations.)

    Canners are different than electric pressure cookers. The FDA does no recommend using an electric pressure cooker to can, as they are unable to safely create the pressure necessary to preserve your food safely.

    Need to can more stuff more quickly? The All American 930 Pressure Canner does just that - you can double stack quart jars inside this beast, meaning you can preserve up to 14 jars at a time!

    Everyone needs a safe place to put those hot ball jars to let them cool. We recommend ordering up a couple Copper Counter Mats - they're perfect for just that purpose.

    Alternatively, sterilizing racks, designed to hold up to 12 lids at a time, facilitate complete sterilization by promoting water circulation. They come with an extended arm for safety, enhancing the sterilization process and ensuring that your jars are ready for canning. Sterilizing is necessary when fermenting or water bath canning for a short cook time.

    Finally, a canning rack is a sophisticated tool that fits inside your canning pot. It supports jars during processing and promotes even heat distribution, which is crucial for the exactness and efficiency of the canning process.

    Discover Canning Supplies for Unique Needs

    Home canning is not a one-size-fits-all process, and that’s where specialty canning supplies come in. These tools cater to specific canning tasks and enhance the overall canning experience.

    For those interested in pickling, fermentation weights and airlocks are your best friends.

    If you're interested in making home-made jams and jellies, a great beginner option that won't break the bank is the Talisman Jam and Food Mill. It'll get all the seeds out for that perfect texture.

    Preparation equipment like a multi-chopper and an apple peeler that cores and slices are time-savers, meaning you can process vegetables and fruits for canning more quickly.

    Canning Supply Solutions for Small Businesses

    For small businesses, Kooi Housewares offers bulk canning supplies. Buying in bulk is a cost-effective choice without compromising the quality of your products.

    Kooi Housewares caters to the diverse needs of small businesses by offering a variety of canning lids, including regular and wide-mouth, to meet different canning requirements.

    Efficient delivery services and quick order processing are also provided to ensure timely fulfillment of large-volume purchases, making your business operations smooth and hassle-free.

    Keeping It All Labelled and Stored

    Canning Jars labelled and stored in a canning jar box


    Once your hard work of preserving is over, it’s important to label everything neatly and store it properly. Canning jar labels are important for organizing and dating canned goods, ensuring proper rotation of preserves, and keeping track of shelf life.

    By labeling your canning jars with the contents and the date of canning, you can easily track the shelf life and use your home preserves correctly.

    Proper storage of canning lids is also of great importance. They should be kept in a cool, dry place to prevent the sealing compound from drying out or becoming damaged. It is recommended to use canning lids within one year of purchase, although unused lids may be good for up to five years if stored properly.

    Don't have shelf space to organize your deliciousness? Use these handy boxes to store your canned stock.

    Where to Find the Best Canning Accessories

    For all these top-quality canning accessories, Kooi Housewares is your go-to destination. Known for their extensive product range and dedication to customer satisfaction, Kooi Housewares is the premier destination for all your canning needs.

    Besides, shopping for canning supplies at Kooi Housewares offers the added convenience of free shipping on orders over $49.

    Aside from canning supplies, Kooi Housewares’ diverse inventory includes:

    • Cookware

    • Specialty teas

    • Coffee

    • Kitchen organization tools

    making it a one-stop-shop for all your kitchen needs.


    From essential tools to advanced accessories, specialty supplies, and bulk purchase options, Kooi Housewares is your go-to destination for all your canning needs. The joy of home canning is not just in preserving food for future use, but also in the process itself - a tradition passed down through generations, a practice that connects us to our food, our family, and our roots.

    Whether you’re a canning novice or a seasoned canner, Kooi Housewares has the perfect tools to make your canning journey a success. So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the world of home canning and enjoy the fruits (and vegetables) of your labor all year round!

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    What are the essential canning tools for a beginner?

    You can't go wrong with canning jars, lids, a jar lifter, a canning rack, and a funnel to kick-start your canning journey. Happy canning!

    What are some advanced canning accessories I might need?

    Invest in pressure canners, vacuum sealers, and sterilizing racks to take your canning game to the next level. Happy preserving!

    Are there specialty canning supplies for specific canning tasks?

    Absolutely! There are specialty canning supplies tailored for specific tasks like pectin for jams, steam canners, and fermentation weights for pickling. So, stock up and get canning!

    What are some tips for storing my canned goods?

    Make sure to label your canned goods with the contents and canning date, and store the lids in a cool, dry place to keep the sealing compound in good condition. Happy canning!

    Where can I buy high-quality canning accessories?

    Check out Kooi Housewares for top-notch canning accessories with a wide range of products, competitive prices, and great customer service. Happy canning!

    Do I need to sterilize my Canning Jars and Canning Lids before pressure canning?

    No, you do not need to sterilize your mason jars and lids before pressure canning, as the pressure canning process will leave them sterilized. We recommend washing with warm, soapy water and thoroughly rinsing and drying your canning jars before using them in your canner.

    Can I use old Ball and Kerr Brand jars in my canning process?

    Yes, you can use old ball and kerr mason jars to can with. However, jars will eventually break. We have begun to recommend Superb Canning Jars - just like the old Mason Jars, they're made in the USA and extremely high quality.