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    10 products

    Locally roasted by Magnum Coffee in Spring Lake Michigan, these luscious flavored beans are almost magical! Put them into your coffee grinder (whole beans) or drip coffee maker (ground coffee) and watch yourself come to life each morning! 

    Delicious home made coffee does not have to be expensive. These quality beans are gently roasted to perfection less than 10 miles from our storefront. Purchased in small batches to ensure freshness, Magnum Coffee offers some of the best flavored coffee available. Flavored coffee beans are also available. Enjoy delicious flavors such as gooey caramel, nutty hazelnut, and mocha peppermint with the entire lineup  of flavored coffees. 

    More of a standard coffee drinker? The Sumatra is a smooth dark roast that doesn't have the bitter hues often associated with dark roasts. Jamaican Blue is the most popular medium roast that gives full flavor while gently encouraging you awake. 

    Brew a cup of this coffee at home today... you won't be disappointed! 

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