Meet Our Staff

We love working together to bring you what you need for your kitchen at an affordable price.  With our many different interests and talents, we make a great team! 


Inventory Designator, Food Preservation Guru, Shipping Extraordinaire 
Andrea's love of goats and canning is hard to surpass. She enthusiastically embraces the many tasks assigned to her and only gives the boss grief on a semi-daily basis. Andrea's favorite game at work is playing Tetris with products to make sure everything she wants to fits safely into a box.


Product / Packing Wizard
Nate has worked with the company since it first began growing at an exponential rate. He oversees shipping and receiving, and his expertise in product knowledge is irreplaceable. 


Customer Service Specialist, Peacekeeper

"One of my favorite activities is baking cookies and cakes with my younger sister. We love being creative by decorating them with fun colors and sprinkles. My favorite part of Kooi Housewares is helping customers find things they've been looking for, and hopefully making their day better with a cup of coffee or tea. I'm very thankful to work at such an amazing place with wonderful people!"  


Customer Service Specialist, Tea Taster, Voice of Reason

"I'm so lucky to have started at the beginning with Kooi Housewares! My favorite activities are making the Facebook stories, chatting with guests and the feeling of Christmas every time an order comes in."


Social Media Queen, Party Planner
"I'm Rachel and I LOVE creating content for our store. My favorite part is building relationships with everyone through our social media. I'm a Detroit native who loves animals and exploring national parks! I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease 15 years ago. If you would like tips on managing a food allergy in a shared kitchen, come see me!"


Artist, Caring Soul, Warehouse Worker Bee
"I'm Jessica! I love being outdoors, doing anything creative, but most of all I love painting and running my art business as a side gig. My favorite part of working at Kooi Housewares is working in the fun atmosphere and getting to know everybody!"


Buyer, Bookkeeper, Excel Wizard

"I didn't learn how to cook until I was an adult, and now I love making new recipes all the time with my husband. Projects like fermenting your own sauerkraut, canning blueberry jam, and baking bread in cast iron are easier than you think - you can do it, too! My favorite part of Kooi Housewares is hearing customers' stories of the memories they've made while cooking with their families."


Operations Manager
Staff photos
"I've been working with Kooi Housewares since it was a baby company, and I love it! There are always opportunities to develop our individual strengths in ways that benefit the business and team as a whole. I was raised in the kitchen - baking, cooking, and preserving our huge garden. Teaching the next generation some of the skills that have been set to the side is one of my passions. One of the reasons that I love working for Kooi Housewares is the team atmosphere and spirit that is present in all aspects of what we do. The people we work with are the best, from our team in-house to our suppliers - I love the people! There is never a dull moment!"


Owner / BOSS
Boss image
Josiah's favorite thing is coming to work every day.... whether it's for the job he (must) enjoy, or for the occasional donuts that show up, we aren't sure! For bosses, he's pretty OK, as long as he hasn't been thinking too deeply about new business ventures he's decided to launch.... 

Josiah started this business because he has trouble taking orders from others, but he has found that herding the employees he dryly refers to as squirrels isn't that much of an improvement. 

Occasionally, Josiah allows others to write his self-biography, and this is what happens.