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64 products

    64 products

    Searching for the perfect stove range burner cover or range top cover? Kooi Housewares has you covered (or at least your stove). With our wide selection of electric and gas cooktop stove covers, you can find the pattern and design you want at the price you always hoped for. With a full line of square or rectangle gas stove covers you can hide your mess from sight easily. These tin gas range covers slide easily over gas stove grates, dressing your stove up for company! 

    Electric stoves are far from forgotten... there are myriad of options for electric stove burner covers on the market, but they often arrive damaged and dented from shipping through a large, impersonal warehouse. Ours are gently packed individually ensuring that your stove burner covers arrive in pristine condition. 

    Hoping to update the look of your stove with new drip bowls? We can help! From black porcelain to silver, we have the popular stove drip bowls that you've been searching for. 

    From oven liners, oven thermometers to a soft flat top range cover, we have everything in stock to update your appliance without having to purchase new. 

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