About Us


Josiah here with Kooi Housewares. I started this business almost 10 years ago for one simple reason: I wanted to be able to provide quality kitchen products at prices we could all attain.

I think you might sympathize with how I was feeling. See, I'd recently married, and much of the kitchenware I saw as we were putting our registry together was inferior to the stuff I'd used in Mom's kitchen growing up. What had changed? Had people become "ok" with inferior goods? I didn't think so.

Over the past years we've slowly been adding and adjusting products in our catalog to find the best quality at the best prices. A part of this has to do with my personal ethos. I would rather pay twice as much for a pan that will last me 20 years than spend my hard-earned dollars on a pan that will be worn out in 5. Wouldn't you agree?

So I'm going to share with you a few things you can expect to find in our store, and a few things you'll never find.

First, our store is packed with products that we would (and do) use in our own kitchens. You'll find brand name products fully backed by manufacturer's warranties much like you'd find in any big box store. In fact, we buy direct from established household brands just like the big stores!

However, what you won't find are all the products those stores stock that are inferior quality. We don't like to use them, so we don't sell them. You also won't find products that are no-name, cheap products shipped internationally. Everything you purchase is shipped direct from our storefront here in the USA.

We stand behind our products, and hope you'll put us to the test!

Have a great day,
Josiah Kooi
Kooi Housewares