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Kneaded Kitchens is now Kooi Housewares!

OXO Adjustable Temperature Kettle

by OXO
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  • The kettle boils up to 1.75 L of water faster than the microwave and safer than the stovetop, and water is heated and held for 30 minutes at your preferred temperature for tea or coffee (170-212)
  • The backlit screen and one-dial interface allows you to easily choose the exact temperature in Degree Fahrenheit or Celsius, and let you know when chosen temperature is reached
  • Durable, BPA free borosilicate glass for thermal shock protection and water level visibility
  • The kettle is cord free for easy transport when removed from 360 Degree swivel base, and has convenient ounce and milliliter markings allowing for precise measuring
  • Nonslip, comfortable handle provides a secure grip and remains cool to the touch, and the lid opens slowly to control the release of steam and prevent hot water splatter
  • Reusable, perforated stainless steel filter strains water while you pour and is removable for easy cleaning
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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Robert R.
Highly recommended; well received Christmas gift

My daughter-in- law recommended the OXO to me. She had purchased one about a year ago. She demonstrated it for me before I decided to buy it as a Christmas present for my other daughter-in-law. She absolutely loved it and was very impressed with the adjustable temperature feature.

Excellent kettle! 5 stars

This OXO kettle is a workhorse. Use it everyday, multiple times a day for cooking and tea. Have used other look-alike kettles but this one is far better quality than the multiple knock offs I bought first.

Vanessa M.C.
It's a pretty "Hot" item

It heats up really quick and it's pretty cool it saves the temperature you used last so I can just quickly double tap the button and get to making my fav tea

Excellent water kettle

This kettle heats quickly to just the temperature I want for perfect Earl Grey Tea. Well-balanced design is a must, especially since I can’t handle anything too heavy. Over the years I’ve had a Russel Hobbs, a Cuisinart old-fashioned Victorian-style, a no-name all stainless steel kettle, and a Kerurig. I like this Oxo electric kettle the best!

Fantastic Kettle, Terrible Spout

This is a really fantastic kettle and I love everything about it except for pouring from it. On the inside of the kettle, there is a downward lip in the top section where the stainless connects to the borosilicate glass in the middle. When pouring from the kettle, this lip catches water and restricts the flow until you tilt the kettle further and water rushes over the lip and out of the spout. The poor flow control makes pouring difficult and potentially dangerous. Have I burned myself? No. Have I almost made a mess when the water rushes out and surprises me? Not yet but it's inevitable. Asides from that issue, this is an awesome piece of equipment.