Cast Iron Corn Mill / Grain Grinder with Large Hopper by Victoria

Victoria Cast Iron SKU: 815457021009
Victoria Cast Iron Victoria Cast Iron Corn Mill / Grain Grinder with Large Hopper
Victoria Cast Iron Victoria Cast Iron Corn Mill / Grain Grinder with Large Hopper
Victoria Cast Iron Victoria Cast Iron Corn Mill / Grain Grinder with Large Hopper
Victoria Cast Iron Victoria Cast Iron Corn Mill / Grain Grinder with Large Hopper
Victoria Cast Iron Victoria Cast Iron Corn Mill / Grain Grinder with Large Hopper
Victoria Cast Iron Victoria Cast Iron Corn Mill / Grain Grinder with Large Hopper
Victoria Cast Iron Victoria Cast Iron Corn Mill / Grain Grinder with Large Hopper
Victoria Cast Iron Victoria Cast Iron Corn Mill / Grain Grinder with Large Hopper
Food Grinders & Mills Victoria Cast Iron Corn Mill / Grain Grinder with Large Hopper
Hand Corn Grinder Instructions
Victoria Masa Mill Review

Cast Iron Corn Mill / Grain Grinder with Large Hopper by Victoria

Victoria Cast Iron SKU: 815457021009
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Don’t waste money and give yourself headaches by buying an over-complicated Grain Grinder! This traditional corn mill can do “all that” and SO MUCH MORE.

Whether you’re making traditional masa, grinding feed grains, making homemade nut butter, grinding malt for your own brew or ferment, this manual grain mill can handle it for years to come. If you’ve ever seen an antique corn grinder, you’ll recognize this design – because it just works. Once you use this corn grinder, you'll understand why we love it so much...

Hand crank grain mills may all look the same, but let’s face it – there’s a lot more than meets the eye (and we’ll tell you why this one is special).

  • Adjust the coarseness of your grind – you won’t be able to make fine flour with this, but that’s not the purpose either. You can grind just about anything else to the level you want How about making home-made cracked wheat to add to your bread for a tasty change?
  • Large Hopper Size – This Corn Grinder is a Machine when it comes to high batch volume. Fill up that hopper and grind more, faster.
  • Made in Colombia – Just about any other manual grain grinder you find on the market is made in China. You can sleep easy at night knowing that YOURS is made in South America by Victoria, a 3rd generation family owned company.
  • Heavy Duty – This Corn Grinder is made of Cast Iron with a tin plating for food safety. It’s built to last generations.
  • Easy Setup – The Grain mill grinder is quick to put together and can clamp to most tables or boards that are 0.5-1.5” thick. It comes with non-slip rubber to protect your surface and prevent slipping in during heavy work.

Let’s face it – we think the Victoria Grain Mill is the best grain mill you can buy. And we think you’ll agree with us once you’ve tried it out.

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What can you use a grain grinder for?

Don’t limit yourself! Grind Corn, Coffee, Mill Malt for Homebrewing Beer, Grind Nuts to make Nut Butter, Powder spices like cinnamon, Etc.

What is a beer grinder?

A beer grinder is a grain grinder – it’s just being used to granulate the malt used for making beer.

Is it worth grinding your own grain?

Grinding your own grains could save you money, but in our estimation the best part is experiencing a richer flavor profile in your dishes.

What is the best grain mill?

Let’s face it – there’s some stiff competition out there
from big names, competitors like the Nutri Mill Grain Mill, Mockmill Grain Mill, various Wondermills, Countryliving Grain Mill Nutrimill Harvest Grain
Mill, Wondermill Grain Mill, and the Magic Mill Wheat Grinder (to name a few). But when it boils down to it, sometimes the best option isn’t the “new thing” –
it’s the manual grain grinder that, while new, looks just like the antique corn grinder that people have been using for 100+ years. When it comes to design,
don’t mess with perfection (and we think this hand crank grain mill is perfect).

Relevant Dimensions: 18.1"L x 13.7"W / Hopper: 5.2" Diameter x 6.1" Tall

Material: Tinned Cast Iron

Color: Silver

Made in: Colombia

Brand Headquarters: Colombia

Care Instructions: After every use, clean any residue from the milling, wash with warm soapy water, and thoroughly dry with a lint-free cloth or towel. Drying points of contact and friction are particularly important. The Victoria Grain Mill is tinned for rust protection, but heavy use and friction followed by constant dampness can cause the iron to rust. Always completely dry after use and washing. Once dry, we recommend applying a very thin layer of cooking oil, especially in areas of contact and friction, to enhance the lifetime of the mill.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Cindy Beene
2 items by mistake

2 items came instead of one Shipping was too expensive so I was stuck Apparently the order form had an option that made this mistake easy. I got screwed


I haven’t yet learned how to make almond butter in it. I may have to run them through a few times. Or, it might not be capable.

Josiah Kooi
Does what it is designed to do quite well

If you buy this to make finely-milled flour, you'll be disappointed. It's a grain grinder, not a flour mill. If used as intended, it does a great job. Some notes:

Mine looks great and has no visible plating defects.

Definitely wash it thoroughly in soap and hot water before using. Dawn does a good job of removing the oils and their smell.

Manufacturing tolerances are somewhat loose, which is fine for its intended use. But some care is needed during assembly, particularly when installing the support bracket that holds one end of the feed screw in place (Step 4 in the manual). You'll do this every time you reassemble the unit after cleaning. If the manual's simplified instructions are followed, the two grinding discs will not be well aligned. To find the correct alignment position, loosen the wing nuts a tad and move the support bracket in the slots until the two discs are concentric. This is easiest to see when the red cover is not installed. Then tighten the wing nuts to hold them in place. Make a note of the position so you can set it there every time. On mine, the discs are aligned when the bracket is set all the way up and to the right in the slots. Aligned discs are easier to turn and give a more consistent grind.

Don't even try to grind too finely with this. Always maintain a little bit of play between the discs. If the discs are grinding against each other, metal bits will scrape off and the discs will get dull. If you need finely-milled flour, get a flour mill.

Oh, and definitely attach it securely to a stable surface, so all your energy goes into the grind.

I really like this grinder. It is definitely a minimalist device; there's a primordial, archetypal quality about it. I expect it will handily outlast me and most of my other kitchen tools.

Herbert Shampine

Victoria Cast Iron Corn/ Grain Grinder with High Hopper

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