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Kneaded Kitchens is now Kooi Housewares!

OXO Pineapple Corer & Slicer

by OXO
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$22.99 - $22.99
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Cores and slices a whole pineapple with ease
Simply slice off the top of a fresh pineapple, then twist the Slicer onto the exposed fruit to create perfect pineapple rings. Ratcheting handle is easy on arms and wrists. Measurement markings let you gauge a pineapple's height before slicing so you know when you're nearing the bottom of the fruit.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
You Too Can Be A Pineapple Ninja

I held off on buying this, merely because of the price point. However, once you have it, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it. It does exactly what it says it does; with no fussing or strain. Pure genius!

You will eat more pineapples

Best invention ever. Must buy to make pineapple an easy treat with less waste.


I was very skeptical when I saw this pineapple corer slicer at a store. Since I have had success with a few other products by Oxo I decided to give it a chance. This kitchen tool is incredibly easy to use and produces nice slices of pineapple. I definitely don't regret giving it a chance.

Tracey B.

Quick and easy! I can core a pineapple in 30 seconds. It's awesome.

Andrew M.
Great kitchen add if you like pineapple

Honestly I wouldn't have gotten one of these but my mother had a similar version that I tried and really liked it. We eat pineapple on a regular basis and it tastes so much better cutting up a fresh pineapple versus getting the already cut up pineapple. This is relatively easy to use and the snap off top makes it easy to clean. It makes nice clean even rings.