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Masontops Kefir Kaps - Wide Mouth Jar Lids - 2 Pack

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It's hard not to love all the great things Masontops can do to make your diet healthier without making it complicated or difficult. Or expensive. Just a small investment in these tools - which convert ordinary wide mouth mason jars into versatile superfood machines - quickly pays for itself many times over. Both for your budget and your health. Because Masontops is the leader in producing lids and accessories that empower you to ferment and sprout veggies (or simply store healthy foods and beverages) in mason jars. Like our sprouting and veggie fermenting lids, our kefir caps are thoughtfully designed to make each step along the way simple and low maintenance. Each set includes one blue and one green lid so you can tell them apart. And each lid is comprised of two pieces that snap together and each part provides a special function. The clear top part contains a measuring cup you can fill with your kefir starter grains. The bottom has a sieve top that keeps the grains in the jar when you're pouring out your finished kefir. Simply add milk or water to restart a ferment. And it so easy to get started. Measure and pour your grains in the jars and add liquid. Simply twist the assembled lid to the open position to allow air to circulate the fermentation process to begin. Depending on your ratios of liquid to grains and the temperature at which fermentation takes, you'll have your probiotic-rich beverage ready to drink in one to three days. Once it's ready, simply turn the cap to the closed position for storage or spill-proof handling. This set of two Kefir Caps ensures you can always have this healthy superfood on hand every day. Your tummy will thank you!

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Cathy S.

Masontops Kefir Kaps - Wide Mouth Jar Lids - 2 Pack


VERY easy to use. Recommended to 3 friends.

Good product

Kefir strainer, it fits well over mason jars, delivered on time, good quality

Easy used! Save time!

Love this product!

Perfectly designed for kefir!

This is perfect for making kefir! This is revolution! So convenient. It even has a lid measuring 1/4cup for reculturing. Made 3 successful batches of kefir!