Wide Mouth Canning Jar Lids by Superb

Superb Sealing Solutions SKU: 860007204937
Superb Sealing Solutions Superb Canning Lids - Wide Mouth Mason Jar Lids 60 Lids
Superb Sealing Solutions Superb Canning Lids - Wide Mouth Mason Jar Lids
Superb Sealing Solutions Superb Canning Lids - Wide Mouth Mason Jar Lids 120 Lids
Superb Sealing Solutions Superb Canning Lids - Wide Mouth Mason Jar Lids
Superb Sealing Solutions Superb Canning Lids - Wide Mouth Mason Jar Lids
Superb Sealing Solutions Superb Canning Lids - Wide Mouth Mason Jar Lids
A variety of canning jars filled with colorful preserved foods
Superb Sealing Solutions Superb Canning Lids - Wide Mouth Mason Jar Lids
Superb Sealing Solutions Superb Canning Lids - Wide Mouth Mason Jar Lids
Superb Sealing Solutions Superb Canning Lids - Wide Mouth Mason Jar Lids 12 Lids

Wide Mouth Canning Jar Lids by Superb

Superb Sealing Solutions SKU: 860007204937
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Avid canners are dancing in their kitchens when they use these mason jar lids. 

WHY? Because they have found the solution to inferior canning jar lids. No more wasting bushels of food because their mason jar lids didn't seal or even worse, have rusted!

Superb Canning Lids are TRULY superb. Don't just take our word for it, here are the facts: 

  • MADE IN THE USA! The family that manufactures these lids has been canning for over 5 generations. 
  • FIVE layers of corrosion protection. This multi-layer approach is there to protect your food AND you.  The layers are as follows: 1. BPA Free Classic Gold 2. Food Grade Electroplate 3. Steel Core 4. Food Grade Electroplate 5. BPA Free Beige Base Coat 6. BPA Free Top Coat.
  • No more discovering rust when you open a jar of crunchy dill pickles. 
  • BPA Free AND FDA Compliant. Don't worry about unhealthy chemicals seeping into your food from jar seals made overseas. These are lids you can trust.
  • One lid - many uses! Safe for pressure canning, water bath canning, and simply storing food
  • THICKER RUBBER! All canners know this is where the "rubber meets the road". Press your fingernail into the rubber ring and watch it bounce back! 
  • No more wondering if the jar sealed, listen for the cheerful "popping" sound.
  • More vacuum therefore longer-lasting seal. This manufacturer takes quality SERIOUSLY and has calibrated the lid to ensure more vacuum has been retained in your canning jars. 
  • EXTRA WIDE rubber ring. The blue rubber ring is wider than previously manufactured canning lids. This allows you to place the lid with confidence on a wide variety of jars from antique to new quart and pint jars. 
  • These superb lids have passed rigorous testing by both internal and third-party laboratories. Superb has taken the stress out of canning!

No need to stress about your mason canning jars sealing properly or even worse, coming unsealed during storage!

The care taken in the Superb manufacturing process has taken the stress out of canning. Simply tighten the canning jar band with three fingers and can away!

You "can can" like you always dreamed of without the stress of worrying that the food you need to feed your family may go bad due to a faulty seal. 

Do you love to listen the the music of canning? Do you strain to listen for the "ping" sound as your wide mouth canning jars cool on the kitchen counter? 

Don't be alarmed when you use these wide mouth jar lids for the first time! Their "popping" sound is slightly louder and deeper than the other leading brands because of the thickness of the lid and the strength of the seal. The quality is evident in even the music of sealing jars! 

Superb Sealing Solutions set out to make a superior canning jar lid at a affordable price, and they did! 

Where did Superb Sealing Solutions Come from? 

Here's the story: 

In 2020, there were no canning jar lids to be found. An Amish community approached an automotive manufacturer friend for help. There were no jar lids, and the ones available were inferior quality!

The automotive manufacturer commenced researching. Quality rubber, rust defense, and proper seals were already a part of their "wheelhouse".  They evaluated and tested current, top selling brand's products such as Kerr and Ball jar lids. Recognizing flaws in the lids on the market, they worked tirelessly to produce a lid that was "Superb". Thus, Superb Sealing Solutions was born. 

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Do canning lids expire?

No. You can store and use the lids for many years. The common "rule of thumb" is to use your canning jar lids within 5 years. 

How tight should I tighten my mason jar lids? 

We recommend tightening your canning jar rings using only three fingers. This leaves room for the air to escape during processing. Lids should be lightly tightened to prevent lids from buckling. 

Which is better wide mouth or regular canning jars? 

Regular mouth works better with items that are able to be poured. Wide mouth canning jars are recommended for use with items that are larger. 

Will one size lid fit quart, pint, half pint, and gallon jars? 

Yes, simply determine if the jar has a regular mouth or a wide mouth. The lids are designed to fit jars of various capacities. 

Do canning bands / rings come with these lids? 

No. Because canning bands can be reused constantly, this set only includes bulk canning lids. 

Relevant Dimensions:

Material: Steel, rubber

Color: Gold

Made in: USA

Brand Headquarters: Sugarcreek, Ohio

Care Instructions: Dishwasher safe

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Karen Rickert

I haven’t tried them yet but hope they meet my expectations after seeing all the positive reviews about them.

Canning jars lids are awesome

I love the way it pops and seals as soon as we take the jars out of the canner. We know for sure they are sealed.


Love the product, customer service sucks

Brenda Snedegar
Superb Canning Lids

These lids are heavy duty. I canned 12 pints and all of them sealed with a very notable popping sound. It's nice to know some companies still make a quality product. The shipping was very fast!!

Velma Smith

Excellent service I haven't used any yet, but comparing to other lids these are definitely a higher quality. I'm so glad I found you. Thank you.

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