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Kneaded Kitchens is now Kooi Housewares!
Kneaded Kitchens is now Kooi Housewares!

Masontops Pickle Pipes- Fermentation Lids / Jar Caps - 4 Pack

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Pickle Pipes are simply the perfect toppers for home vegetable fermentation. They feature one-way airlocks that vent gas automatically so they require no burping or babysitting. They prevent spoilage by releasing the gas that builds up during the fermentation process while preventing oxygen and airborne contaminants from getting inside. So they're the ideal lids for beginning home fermenters and old pros alike. They are made of high grade BPA-free and and contain no phthalates, so you can be sure they're food safe. They wash up with soap and water, or go right into the dishwasher along with the jars. Unlike the water venting types - which can be several inches taller - they are maintenance-free and their low-profile design makes them easy to store in cupboards and drawers. So don't waste money on expensive and ineffective probiotic supplements when you can improve your gut health economically at home by making your own delicious ferments. Our Pickle Pipes make it painless to ferment your own probiotic-rich sauerkraut, kimchi, carrots, tomatoes, garlic, radishes and more! They fermentation toppers make pickling "set it and forget it" simple. The set of wide mouth mason jar Pickle Pipes comes in four attractive colors (red, teal, purple and blue) so you can keep track of similar ferments easily. And because they're from the mason jar accessory experts, you can be sure they are an exact fit for your jars. Trust Masontops for the best selection of mason jar tools!


Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
River A.
Masontops Pickle pipes or burbing lids for fermentation

Looks great ! Great quality ! Fast shipping. Fair price.

Laura J.P.
Very easy to place on jars with the rings!

Love that you do not have to burp the jars while fermenting

Work great

Easy to clean. Using for fermenting cucumber and cabbage.

I like saying the name.......

Pickle pipes.... haa haa haaa. Great product!

Wade K.
Works Well

These really work and are very easy to use!