921 Pressure Canner 21.5 QT by All American

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All American Pressure Canner 921
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921 Pressure Canner 21.5 QT by All American

All American SKU: 089149009211
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Don't trust your hard work to inferior pressure cooker and canners that get your pressure up! The All American pressure cooker is here to keep those canning lids on your jars while keeping you from blowing YOUR lid.  

Manufacturing cookware since 1930, All American manufactures the best pressure cooker for canning. Their pressure cookers feature a unique metal to metal seal meaning you will NEVER have to worry about purchasing a replacement rubber gasket. Simply wipe a little olive oil or Vaseline around the rim before canning to assist in ensuring easy lid removal.

Best of all, ALL All American Canners are manufactured in Wisconsin. You are supporting a USA business and have peace of mind you are purchasing the best pressure canner available. Don't wait in line in a foreign call center que...if you have questions, reach out directly to their customer service center. 

We're not just blowing steam....see for yourself!

The All American Pressure Canner 921 model fits one layer of quart mason jars and two layers of pint jars with the included 2 canning racks. It has a liquid capacity of 21.5 quarts, allowing you to use it for a water bath canner if you desire. 

The All American Pressure Cooker 921 is the canner that is often found at vintage antique sales. They retain their value and are the most sought after quart jar canners on the market. Why? 

  • It's designed to last for generations. With an exclusive metal-to-metal sealing, there are no replacement gaskets to purchase. 
  • Boasting both an easy-to-use pressure gauge and audible "jiggler", this pressure cooker lets you know both visibly and audibly that your jars are at the desired pressure. 
  • The "jiggler" or pressure regulator weight is preset to 5, 10, or 15 psi. Place it on the top of the canning pot and listen for the gauge to rattle 1-4 times per minute. 
  • No need to "babysit" this canner. Get other things done or read a book. When the pressure regulator weight is rattling more, simply turn down the heat and vice versa. 
  • Automatic overpressure safety release to keep any unnecessary eruptions from happening.
  • Crafted from cast aluminum in order to stay as light and durable as possible, this pressure cooker pot weighs only 24 pounds. 
  • The All American 921's interior dimension are 12.25 inch diameter and 10.5 inches tall
  • With extra heavy duty cast aluminum construction you get fast & even heating
  • Suitable for gas, electric, and glass stovetops, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you research any glass stovetop's weight capacity before using it with a full canner. A full canner can weigh 20-30 pounds more than weight of the canner itself.
  • This large pressure cooker holds up to 7 quart jars and 19 pint jars (depending on the style and shape of the particular jar. 
  • Instruction manual / care instruction booklet included!

This quart jar canner is the one that avid canners long of owning. 

Easy to maintain and clean, simply wash with soapy water and dry thoroughly. If needed, SOS pads are perfect for tidying up any residue. Purchase a canner that will last as many years as you will can today! 

Looking for instructions, use, and care? Click here:

>>Instructions, Use & Care<< 

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Q: How many jars does the All American Pressure Cooker/Canner 921 hold?

A: The All American Pressure Cooker/Canner 921 can hold up to 7 quart jars and up to 19 pint jars, depending on the style of the jar.

Q: How do I clean my aluminum large pressure cooker?

A: Soap and warm water are the easiest way to clean your All American Cooker. If needed, you may use vinegar, aluminum cleaner, or a steel-wool soap pad.

Q: How much water do I add to my All American Pressure Canner?

A: You should always have 2 to 3 inches of water in the bottom of your pressure cooker before filling the canner with jars.

Q: Does water have to cover jars in the pressure canner?

A: No. Water should not cover the jars when you are pressure canning. Water bath canning, however, requires that you cover the jars. Pressure canning requires the empty space to work properly.

Q: Can you cook in a pressure canner?

A: Yes, this pressure canner is also called a pressure cooker. Fast cooking meats, vegetables, fish, and seafoods in large quantities is another function of this large cooking pot.

Q: Can a pressure canner be used as a water bath canner?

A: Yes, pressure canners can be used as water bath canners. Simply fill the pressure canner with water up to 2 inches above the top of your jars and use it like a typical boiling water bath canner.

Relevant Dimensions: 21.5 quart capacity / Overall height: 15.375 inches / Inside Diameter: 12.25 inches

Material: Cast aluminum with a phenolic top handle

Color: Silver

Made in: USA

Brand Headquarters: Manitowoc, Wisconsin

Care Instructions: Refer to manufacturer's instruction manual.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Timothy NYNY
This is a terrific product. 10 years of almost daily use

I purchased this 10 years ago and use it almost every day. Its durable and dependable. The only issue Ive had is replacing a twist handle last year. The metal to metal seal prevents any rubber rot issues. You do need to put vegetable oil on the rim each time to optimize the seal. It is heavy especially if you have water in it. You need a deep sink to wash it if you get the larger units. Great for water bath canning too.

William W
Great product!

The best of the best. love this canner!

Martin H
Just getting started with canning

Really high quality product. So far all my efforts have gone well.

R. Duke
You get what you pay for!

I researched all pressure canner options, and chose to spend more to get a superior product. The All American has the best construction, great safety features, and the most size options (921 was best for my needs and flat top stove). I am so very happy with my selection. This will be proudly handed down to my children and then my grandchildren!! Dare I say, maybe even great-grandchildren?

Jeanna M
Pressure Cooker

I am so excited to use me new Pressure Cooker. I love that it was made in USA!

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